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Portrait Photography Doesn't Have to be Boring

Often, studios that offer portrait photography have only one or two choices when it comes to how you are shown. You can have your picture shot so only your head and the top of your shoulders show, or so that you are visible down to your chest. Either way, you're displayed against a fairly dark, neutral backdrop.

The problem with these standard portraits is that they look like they belong on your driver's license. There is probably no way to make them more boring! However, since they can also be seen on the "about our managers" pages of many corporate sites, many people don't realize that there actually are far better ways to do portrait photography.

Our photographers break this mold when it's time to do portraits. Imagine your face displayed like a picture of a movie star – glamorous, energetic, and dynamic. This is what you'll get when you hire Together as One JB. You'll be able to get multiple angles, much better backgrounds, and more. Our portrait and family photography produces Instagram-worthy shots that make your faces stand out in a way that makes people want to look. When you work with us, you'll never mistake your portrait for one taken at the DMV or a passport company.

When it's time for a portrait of yourself, or full family photography, make an appointment with Together as One JB. You'll love the results, and anyone you show will quickly be asking where you got yours. Everyone will be glad that with our service, they won't get a driver's license style picture anywhere except at the actual driver's license office.

Book your portrait appointment now. This will ensure that there is an opening at the time you want your portrait, and ensure that everything goes smoothly.

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