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Laura + Damien

Love is magical, love changes our hearts and very own lives shaping them in a way we can only call perfect. Laura and Damien don't have to say much to portray this phenomenon, you can somehow feel their love and happiness surge through your heart and bloom a smile on your face. These two lovelies really expanded my horizons, in all my time offering Miami photography services I was truly amazed with the amount of ideas that flourished my mind by just watching them exchange looks and enjoy each other's company. They contrasted each other in the most gorgeous way, elegant, fantastic, it'd take a thousand words to describe the unique beauty they radiated around them. They truly made my day with this photoshoot, you could tell how crazy in love each of them truly were for each other.

The beauty of love is you never have to face anything alone again. Your partner will always have your back through thick and thin and hold your hand through every danger in life without question. In tough times love is the key and together you strive forward. Damien seemed more than capable of treasuring Laura forever. There's no doubt Damien will ever let anything happen to her, the way he embraces her and gazes into her eyes speaks for itself. Laura deeply loves and cares for Damien, her smile is proof she truly plans to make Damien the most fortunate man in the world, a beautiful woman truly committed to spend the rest of her life with her partner. Taking these pictures felt like living in a fairytale, one every little girl dreams of when they go to bed with a smile. As an engagement photographer I truly enjoyed and treasure the opportunity to have been able to appreciate their unique beauty. I hope you love these pictures as much as I loved taking them.

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