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"True love doesn't happen by accident. It's deliberate, it's intentional, it's purposeful, and in the end... it's worth it".  

                                    ~ Darlene Schacht

Dear Future Client, ​


In commemorating the most meaningful celebrations, TAOJB is known for captivating imagery, aesthetically crisp details and unrivaled expertise.  Your special day will be astounding, overflowing with emotions and memories you'll want to relive for years to come. Let us record the timeless visuals of these moments in epic proportions.


When there is a pulse that echoes happiness, love and commitment, we are there to capture every element so you can relive the experience of that energy for years and generations through our wedding videography and photography services.  

These memories tell your story, your authentic path and the start of the journey with your forever love. It is our pleasure to encapsulate stunning memories with videography and photography guaranteed to make your eyes well up and your pulse race.

From the Queen City of Cincinnati, Ohio to the Capital of Latin America in Miami, Florida (and beyond) we are here for all of your photography and videography adventures.  


Creatively Yours, 

Together As One JB 

Capturing Emotion
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Wedding Video Highlight 



At TAOJB, we produce captivating and immersive wedding videography that not only captures but elevates your wedding's magic, preserving its beauty and emotion for eternity. Your wedding is a love story in itself, and we will expertly weave everything from the beautiful tiny details to the profoundly moving moments together to bring that story to life in exhilarating and memorable ways. 

The lace of your dress, the tears in your eyes and joy of your smiles, the ethereal romance of your first kiss, the energy of the crowd during your toasts… we will bring each moment into the spotlight, to keep your most precious memories intact as the years pass by. We at TAOJB are committed to crafting your fleeting memories into permanent works of art through our videography services.

Your wedding video should be an authentic representation of you at your most radiant, and one of the most rewarding parts of our work is spending time to really get to know our couples ahead of the wedding and forming a connection together, so we can best customize the video to reflect and celebrate what makes you and your partner's story unique.  We have plenty of experience with diverse and specialized cultural weddings, so, for example, we can easily step in to provide Indian wedding videography in Cincinnati or Jewish wedding videos in Miami- we do it all.

To see our style in action, please click on the motion reel. For details about our wedding videography packages, click here.

Cincinnati Wedding Photographer Mt Airy



There's something magical about capturing the essence of a moment in a single frame. At Together As One JB, our wedding photography services are focused on freezing emotions in time, capturing the subtle nuance of an experience, an expression, a feeling, forever.


Your wedding day will have innumerable elements that move by too quickly, but our trained eyes and HD camera equipment can catch and commemorate in exquisitely beautiful photo form. Our work will make you laugh, cry, and vividly recall the rush of overwhelming emotions you felt as you stood in front of your nearest and dearest to commit your lives to one another. While we are primarily recognized as Cincinnati wedding photographers and Miami wedding photographers, we are happy to travel to wherever your destination wedding may be!


As wedding photographers, we get a tremendous rush from knowing the click of our shutter can immortalize the most meaningful moments in your life, so we take special care to make sure we're accurately illustrating your experience through meaningful conversations ahead of time. Getting to know you, and what parts of your wedding most reflect your personalities and values helps us to feel a personal connection to shooting your event, and ensures that we leave no detail undocumented.


Click on the gallery below for a better understanding of our approach to wedding photography. If you'd like more information on our packages, click here.

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