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Adventure is our middle name, and we love traveling around the world for destination events. Destination weddings are typically a more close-knit affair, allowing for a more intimate feeling to your wedding videography and photography. Whether for a serene seaside ceremony or a bustling city-centric celebration, there's an especially romantic and exciting energy at destination weddings – and we love to capture the experience as part of our destination wedding videography and photography services!


Our high definition cameras and drone equipment excel at documenting the sights, scenery and sweeping views that celebrate your destination's natural beauty. But our commitment to the customer experience is what makes TAOJB's services stand out. We offer unlimited hours of filming and photography, and we go the extra mile in researching uniquely spectacular locations and settings at your destination to make your images and videos truly unforgettable. We’re not timid destination wedding photographers, we go the extra mile to make your pictures special.

We have accompanied clients to Coney Island, NYC, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, St Thomas, St John, Virgin Gorda, and beyond. Traveling to new environments has inspired us to create some of our most memorable work. We would love to extend that inspiration to your destination wedding videography and photography too!

Contact us today for a customized quote for your destination wedding photographers and videographers.

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