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Promotional videos give instant personality to your business by bringing your "About Us" page to life. Let your potential customers and clients know you and your business on a more in-depth personal, human level, right from the start. When done well, promotional videos lead to higher conversion rates and consumer engagement, and we at TAOJB strive to highlight the best of you and your business in creative and interesting ways. Our promotional videos are typically about 2 minutes in length, but if requested we will cut a 30-second highlight video to music at no additional charge.


Together, we will discuss your marketing goals and your call-to-action. Then we'll create a storyline and decide who to interview, in what setting, and other details that will help best communicate your message. Once we have all the details in place, we'll submit a proposal for your approval. 


We will conduct interviews of team members and/or client testimonials as well as collect valuable B-roll footage of your product or service in use, or you at work. Steadicam and drone are available if applicable, to best showcase your work. 



Back at the studio, we'll upload and review your footage and create a script based off of our pre-production conversations. Once we've completed a rough edit, we'll submit it to you for review and feedback. Then we'll make any necessary changes and submit for final approval. You'll get a high-res file of your video that you can share however you like! 

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