Our team at TAOJB has ties to both Cincinnati, Ohio and Miami, Florida which makes these two different yet beautiful cities our business' home base. Having team members living in both cities lends a sense of diversity to our artistry that elevates our imagery no matter where we film. Shooting weddings in the cities we call home is special for us because we have such familiar relationships with each location, allowing us to really highlight their magic in our work. 


Miami's vibrant oceanside lifestyle makes it a filmmaker's dream. From the crashing waves, white sand, and palm trees to the pastel city skyline – there's no shortage of locations for us to create stylish and compelling imagery with you on your wedding day. The distinctive Miami vibe, richly influenced by Cuban and Latinx culture, has an infectious energy that is evident in our Miami wedding videography and photography services. 


Known as "the Queen of the West," Cincinnati's Midwest charm is undeniable, and is teeming with eclectic venues, majestic parks, and an "old New York-style" architectural feel. Ohio's four-season landscape provides a gorgeous backdrop to your wedding day no matter what time of year you celebrate your wedding. Our Cincinnati wedding videography and photography services will capture the spirit of the city as part of your celebration, making its distinctive character a memorable part of your wedding photography and videography.


For more on our Florida and Ohio weddings, please have a peek at the sample highlights below! 

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