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At TAOJB, our commitment to customer service is a hallmark of our company, so we take the time to really understand your vision for your wedding and your unique personalities in order to preserve your stories in a genuine, heartfelt way. We strive to make working with us feel like working with friends. We are dedicated to forging a comfortable, lasting relationship that will leave you head over heels with the final product you receive. 

Our high-quality equipment guarantees that your videos will be crisp, colorful, polished, and breathtakingly edited. We use top of the line cameras (HD and 4k available), drones, sound and lighting equipment and editing software to ensure that your wedding memories are captured as cleanly as possible.

Our standard wedding videography package includes a 10-minute highlight reel (a highly-curated, emotional montage of the most memorable moments of your day), A 60-second teaser video (perfect for Instagram), drone footage if allowed, and the unedited raw footage on a hard drive supplied by the couple. 

TAOJB is located in Cincinnati, Ohio and Miami, Florida but we are available to travel anywhere to meet your destination wedding needs. We are also highly sought-after for cultural weddings and celebrations. For more information and sample videos, please click below.

Keep scrolling to learn more about our optional add-on services, and please don't hesitate to share any ideas you might have. We love getting creative with our clients!



If 10 minutes doesn't feel like enough time to properly capture the scale and spirit of how you envision your big day being documented, TAOJB offers the option to edit your wedding videography raw footage together into a documentary-style full-length version for an extra fee. This allows for a more in-depth curation of memorable moments of the day. Think of our documentary edit as the full-length version of a movie versus the Highlight Reel, which is more like an extended trailer.


Our documentary style edit length varies depending on the length of your wedding, ensuring that no moment worth reliving is overlooked. This option is available at the time of your booking, or any time in the future if you decide you wish to add it on.


Your Love Story video is a wonderful pre-wedding add-on that celebrates you and your partner's unique journey as a couple. Love Story videos are not only wonderful for sentimental posterity, but can be used as a wedding announcement, on your wedding website, as part of your wedding day… and, someday, shared with your future children.

We'll sit down with you in a comfortable setting, or visit meaningful locations with you and ask you to recall your meeting, first dates, and details about how your relationship unfolded. Some ideas of things to include are skills you've learned from each other, accessories, places and memories that hold special meaning for you as a couple, inside jokes, et cetera. Then together, we'll decide on the perfect song to represent your story and edit the footage to match. 

Love story footage can also be mixed with your wedding editing to create a unique masterpiece.


On either side of weddings are the magical moments that happen in every year of life. At TAOJB, we want to be your lifetime storyteller - following you through and preserving the memories of milestones such as engagement, maternity, births/adoptions, birthdays, anniversaries, Quinceañera/sweet 16, reunions, travel and more.  

By continuing to work with us throughout the years, your family's photo and video documentation will have a cohesive and intimate appeal. In one lifetime, there are so many moments to celebrate, and it's all too easy to miss the chance to preserve them when you're busy enjoying yourself. Allow yourself to live in the moment while we take care of capturing those memories for you. We look forward to growing along with your family! 

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