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The ritual of marriage is universal, but every culture has its own traditional ways to express and celebrate this milestone. Together As One JB understands that weddings are not just a union of two people or families, but sometimes even two cultures as well. We believe that love is universal, and we welcome clients from all cultures and backgrounds.

When we work with clients incorporating traditional customs into their cultural weddings, we take the time to learn about those elements so we can best give them focus and representation in our work with the appropriate reverence and weight. We have specialized experience with Indian, African, Jewish, Catholic, Hindu, LGBTQ, Asian, and fusion weddings, and we are always deeply honored to be invited to document our couples' cultural celebrations. 

We are constantly awed and inspired by the beautiful and unique ways cultures around the world celebrate marriage. You can trust us to capture your Baraat, Haldi ceremony, Mehndi ceremony, Sangeet, Chinese door game, Paebaek, or any other cultural traditions of your wedding respectfully, beautifully and memorably. We will also ensure that the ornate beauty of your cultural accessories (such as your Maang Tikka, Henna, Sari, Hanbok, and/or special jewelry) is detailed in our images as well.

We are happy to create a custom quote for any additional days or hours of coverage necessary to accommodate your family's traditions. Whether you need Indian Wedding photographers in Cincinnati or LGBTQ videographers in Miami, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today!

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