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Family Portraits Batavia, Ohio: Magnolia and Children

I was truly excited and looking forward to this photoshoot the moment I woke up that day. As soon I saw this lovely bunch I knew I was in for an exciting ride. What a beautiful family the Magnolia's are, not a moment went by without a smile on my face while posing them for each picture. Each one of them compliments each other in such a way you're left speechless. From the goofy poses they would get themselves in, to the charming ways they'd hold each other tightly, I could not help but feel infatuated with this family. The way they synced so perfectly for every picture, you can tell this family is one full of love and understanding. Its such a pleasure to be able to witness and capture something so sublime through my camera lens. The photoshoot was exceptionally entertaining, they kept me in the tip of my toes, always surprising me with new and quirky poses, always making me want to take more photographs. What a truly special family, thank you so much for the wonderful opportunity and I truly hope you love these snapshots as much as I do.

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