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Jordan and Dezaray

Holding the one you love can feel like an adventurous dream come true when your feet are sunk in the crystal clear beautiful waters of the beach. Looking straight ahead towards the horizon holding each other's hands is by all means an experience straight out of a fairy tale. The day we met Jordan and Dezaray was one of these moments, one of the moments you wish would never end. Seeing this wonderful couple celebrate their romantic getaway was perfect for our photoshoot, every shot made both of them shine vividly and we simply could not get enough of them and their cute little quirks.

We truly are lucky to have stumbled upon such a perfect match. Jordan is such a sweet gentleman, a man worthy of holding his queen's hand proudly. Seeing Jordan's sweet smile at the mere sight of Dezaray was enough for us to confidently know how much she means to Jordan, and how much he is willing to sacrifice for her smile in return. Dezaray was simply overjoyed, we had so much fun hearing her laugh, seeing how happily she was enjoying the fact Jordan was all she needed to be the happiest woman in the world. We could tell Dezaray had long been waiting for this specific moment, the moment where their love could bloom like never before. There was no better time for this wonderful photoshoot, the sun highlighted each of their splendid features, their eyes were shining with joy and their embrace was one of a dream by merely just witnessing it.

This truly was a sweet and glamorous photoshoot, an exceptionally adorable sweet couple in one of the most beautiful resorts we've seen before. As a destination photographer I truly am very lucky to have been able to travel to the Virgin Islands and gotten the opportunity to photograph such a gorgeous couple in such a fantastic location. These two lovely sweethearts stole our hearts with their smiles and laughs, seeing them prosper together celebrating their destiny inspires us deeply and we simply cant wait to see them grow together forever. Love is a virtue, its a bond you must always care for, protect and treasure with your life, Jordan and Dezaray are a beautiful example of true authentic love stronger than the world itself. We wish them nothing less than a life full of blessings and a journey full of prosperity and joy.

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