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The Villa Casa Casuarina at the former Versace Mansion

Updated: May 1, 2020

Beautiful guest room at one of Miami wedding venues at the Villa Casa Casuarina

Cuban car waiting for wedding couple in front of Villa Casa Cauarina


It hard to believe only a few short weeks ago we were photographing a wedding at the Villa Casa Casuarina at the former Versace Mansion. I'm not a huge brand name gal but it's hard not to know the famous fashion brand name of Versace. This mansion was once the home of Gianni Versace and where his life was tragically taken in Miami, South Beach. It is easy to see why this mansion is the third most photographed home in America. After photographing this wedding I had to watch the FX’s American Crime Story: Gianni Versace on Netflix. I was surprised to see the home looked so similar to the way it does today. There is a mosaic of Gianni's sister, Donatella made out of small pebbles. The pool is inlayed with thousands of 24-karat gold tiles and is truly a piece of art. It was a dream to be able to photograph and video a wedding at this beautiful home.

Gianni's detailed pool in his outdoor dining area at Villa Casa Casuarina

Harp playing by the front gates while wedding guests arrive to wedding venue

Wedding dinner tables ready for wedding guests by famous Gianni's pool area


Marty and Marco have such an incredible love story. They met in Italy, fell in love quickly and were engaged to be married. We first met them at the Villa Casa Casuarina to create a love story for them and fell in love with their love for each other. You just feel this immense love between them. We knew that their wedding was going to be spectacular with all the details that Marco were describing to us!

Groom hugging groom before wedding ceremony at the Villa Casa Casuarina

Groom playing dress up in Gianni's huge walk-in closet at former Versace Mansion

Grooms playing chess in Miami's South Beach Wedding Venue

Grooms kissing behind chess pieces

Grooms dancing on balcony at the former Versace Mansion

Grooms relaxing on couch drinking coffee in one of guests room at the Villa Casa Casuarina

One groom looks in mirror other groom at camera in one of the fancy bathrooms at Villa Casa Casuarina

Grooms embrace in room with paintings of fall leaves in former Versace Mansion

Grooms kissing at the bottom of stairs in front of stained glass windows


Their wedding day arrived and we were not disappointed in the details of their wedding day. The hustle and bustle of getting ready for the big day just played on their love for each other. Even with all the stress of being on time the lovely couple were still referring to each other by their pet name of "lovely".

Groom looks out window while other groom lays on king sized bed in guest bedroom of the former Versace Mansion

Groom sits patiently in bedroom of the former Versace Mansion

Groom adjust wedding clothes while best man watches

Best Men put on cuff links on groom before the wedding ceremony

Groom checks phone in front of stained glass door

Groom adjust tie while best man makes jokes

groom looks out window of the former Versace Mansion

Grooms sit on couch with white orchids framing them with bubbles floating in air


Their ceremony was beautiful beyond words. There was an orchestra playing ballets of love creating an ambience of spiritual love and peace. Marty and Marco were surrounded by their family and friends from all over to witness their vows of love and loyalty. Truly a site to behold for such a beautiful couple.

Wedding guests and couple seated listening to orchestra during wedding ceremony in outside courtyard at the Villa Casa Casuarina

Groom places wedding ring on Groom during Wedding Ceremony

Close up of wedding band and grooms hands

Grooms look lovingly into each other eyes as wedding officiant looks at them

Groom holds flower to groom to smell during wedding ceremony

Grooms sharing first kiss as married couple


Marco is a man of style with grand gestures. The whole day he had planned so many surprises for everyone involved including the guests and the vendors. He did not disappoint with their grand exit which included a ribbon cutting, a balloon release and a drive around South Beach, Miami, Florida in a cuban car to appease the many people who gathered around the infamous Versace Mansion.

Grooms cut ribbon outside of Villa Casa Casuarina before making exit

Guests throw rose petals on grooms as they make their exit into the streets of South Beach Miami Florida

Grooms kiss as wedding guest enjoy cocktail hour groom hold wedding balloons

Grooms kiss in cuban car on the busy street of Miami's South Beach

Groom kisses grooms head while sitting in cuban car on busy Miami Ocean Drive

Groom looks at camera while standing in front of cuban car on Miami's busy South Beach street

Grooms hold hands with foreheads touching while standing in front of famous Miami Beach sign of date and temperature in South Beach Miami

Grooms show wedding bands in front of Villa Casa Casuarina while singer and saxophone player play music


The party continued as the guests moved down to the pool area to enjoy a seven course meal entertained by the beautiful music from the orchestra. Mary and Marco again blessed us with their love by dancing their first dance, cutting their scrumptious wedding cake, slicing their champagne bottle with an exotic knife from Italy and ending the beautiful day with a showing of their love story video.

Grooms sitting at their wedding table in front of former Versace Mansion pool

Wedding guests hold sparklers as wedding couple cut their wedding cake

wedding guests hold sparklers as wedding couple cut wedding cake

Best man give wedding toast to wedding couple during a formal dinner at the Villa Casa Casuarina

another view of best man giving wedding toast to wedding couple

Wedding couple dancing their first dance at wedding reception at the Villa Casa Casuarina

Groom kisses groom during first dance at their wedding reception

Wedding couple dance and laugh as wedding guests watch them share their first dance

Wedding couple hold hands apart during wedding dance at their wedding reception

Grooms embrace during first dance in front of former Versace Mansion pool

Wedding couple dance in front of Versace Mansion pool

Groom laughs as best man talk at their wedding table

photograph of wedding cake in front of Versace symbol

Groom feeding his groom a piece of their wedding cake

Grooms sharing a kiss after eating first bites of wedding cake

Groom using an Italian sword to open champagne bottle

Grooms drinking first glass of champagne as wedding couple

Grooms sharing a kiss after drinking glass of champagne


We LOVED that the couple reserved some time for our team to use the beautiful grounds of the Villa Casa Casuarina to capture intimate moments of their love. These moments are truly special and will be cherished for generations to come.

Groom sit in opposite corners of room where there is an oval opening to room below and a stained glass oval above

Groom reaches for his husband in famous steps of Versace Mansion with murals on walls and big stained glass window

Wedding couple about to throw flowers to tourists outside the former Versace Mansion

Groom poses in bathroom and looks at Versace symbol on floor of beautiful bathroom at the former Versace Mansion

Grooms holds groom face and they look at each other in a window seat in front of stained glass windows

Groom holds white rose in mouth and other groom bites it at the Villa Casa Casuarina

Close up of grooms embracing

groom sitting in lap of other groom while sitting in front of mural

Grooms entering room from outside entering into oval room

Grooms embracing each other with light reflecting on their faces


We especially want to thank the amazing staff at the Villa Casa Casuarina! The staff and the coordinations worked so well with our team as far as coordinating all the events that happened making everything run smoothly. Together As One JB highly recommends having your 5 star wedding at this very accommodating luxury wedding venue in Miami's South Beach Florida.

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