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Anum's First Lohri

Each day is a blessing to be thankful for, be it for the love we share with our friends and family, the fresh air we breath in the morning, or the food we receive in our plate. Lohri is the celebration of the arrival of longer days after winter and its the perfect time to cherish those you love and show gratitude for the shining sun and the miracles it does to the food we grow, harvest and consume. Its a day full of ever lasting love and unity. This was baby Anum's very first Lohri and everyone gathered up to participate in what would be the greatest festival they would ever attend to. What joy was shared between one another as the bright bonfire's flames lit up each smile on their faces, their laughing and cheering was like a melody to our ears.

What a beautiful celebration this was. A truly special moment for the beautiful baby Anum on his birthday. The festival was such a unique experience to watch, as a photographer that offers Miami photography services this tradition was like nothing we has seen before. We were so thrilled seeing everyone together forming one big wave of happiness and making us feel completely part of it. Baby Anum had a blast seeing his family dance, listening to everyone's singing. This was the perfect day to photograph everything ranging from the happiness in the air and the gorgeous aesthetic everyone brought to the table with their majestic apparel faithful to their truly magnificent culture. It definitely was an occasion to remember. One thing we will never forget was the unique sense of union that radiated in the crowd, no matter how many differences we all have, in the end we are all one big happy family and this day was the perfect reminder to such a crucial reality.

There was a lot of energy during Anum's birthday. We tried our best to keep up with everybody and it surely was a wonderful time, but we definitely have to admit we broke a sweat and it was definitely worth every second of it. We wanted to do our best so one day Anum could look back to such a wonderful day and truly live it again. We understand memories are important to us, we deserve to record our history and call it our own. That's why we made sure we could catch baby Anum and his family in their prime and capture only the best pictures that could speak louder than words. Anum's father was overwhelmed with joy, his happiness was one of the biggest highlights of the whole celebration. His carefree smile made every single shot shine as he tightly held the love of his life in his arms. This was a sight we would remember forever, it was a scene worth calling a miracle to the eye.

We truly are thankful we got the opportunity to participate in such a unique celebration. Its important to always remember that no matter how difficult sometimes life can be we always have each other and together we form a family strong enough to last the longest of winters. There's no doubt about it, Anum will grow to do amazing things, and this day marks the beginning of his destined journey. No words describe how honored we are to have been there to participate in such a memorable event. We are so happy for little Anum and his wonderful family, we wish only great things for each one of them and a life full of blessings upon blessings forever.

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