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Barasha + Sudhanshu

Updated: Jan 26

Some sights are straight out of a fantasy book, this wedding was one of those outstanding sights you can never forget. This beautiful wedding was an extraordinary adventure, full of surprises and a big load of butterflies in the stomach. Barasha and Sudhanshu made me live a dream. I was witnessing not just the physical union of these two wonderful individuals, but the spiritual and emotional bond that was being formed right before my eyes for eternity. The wedding was exciting, entertaining and very mind blowing. The cultural differences we all share, make you understand love is not a two dimensional thing, its a feeling that carries an infinite amount of ways to express it. The wedding felt like an adventure, each day a different tradition with not a second to waste. Such a joy when you get to do your job as an Indian wedding photographer from Cincinnati and capture one of the most special moments in Barasha and Sudhanshu's life.

We had to try our best to keep up with the very charming and energetic big family that was making this wedding possible. Everyone was too busy having the time of their life to ever stop laughing and smiling. Love was in the air, happiness was in our hearts, thousands of different ways were used to communicate this excitement. Perhaps its a good idea to start with the Haldi ceremony that took place bright and early in the morning. This was a very heart warming experience to watch the bride and groom bathed in yellow paste. Seeing everyone smile and laugh warmed my heart because I could tell this ceremony was being performed with true love and care. It is believed this ritual bath blesses the couple before their wedding, and I cant express how much I loved seeing it performed. The dance was also a truly magnificent sight to see. Everyone dancing left to right, everyone having the time of their life united as one big whole family. It was such a wonderful moment to experience, I had so much fun just capturing it all through my lens.

I could sit here and talk about how much more I felt, how much I loved it all from beginning to end, however the wedding day was the day it all truly stole my heart. Their wedding outfits were breathtaking, the colors, the fabric, the jewelry, it was all undeniably perfect. It spoke to me in different levels when I saw them both together, they were just so remarkably stunning just being there embracing one another. Their smiles were permanently marked in their faces, it felt as though they had been waiting for this moment all their life, and the moment had just begun. A wonderful life awaits both of these sweethearts, I cant believe I was able to record it all and see how their beautiful new life unfolded. We will cherish this memory forever, and we truly wish Barasha and Sudhanshu have the happy journey they deserve.

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