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Bus Ride from the Northside

Bus ride with Hugo and his Mom! What a fun day to ride the bus from the Northside to Findley Market. The Northside is a food desert and if you don't have access to a car it is a real challenge getting groceries. My pledge for the month of February for the "Year of Living Sustainably" was to take the bus to get my groceries. I live in Clifton where I can walk to a grocery store so I decided to take a bus from the Northside.

Ioanna and I both downloaded the Cincy EZRide app which helped tremendously with knowing which bus to take, where the bus stops were and we even paid our fare on the app. I COULD NOT IMAGINE riding the bus to go grocery shopping especially with a small child. The bus service was very easy to navigate with the app on our smart phones and both bus drivers were super friendly and helpful. To do this weekly to get groceries would be a real challenge that I am grateful that I don't have to deal with.

I love being able to walk to my local grocery store and even in the summer to ride my bike to Findley Market. I want everyone in the city to have this option too!

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