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Jason + Victoria

Throughout my long journey as a destination photographer, I've encountered a large variety of extraordinary locations with some spectacular shots just waiting to happen. One of my favorites will always be the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. This beautiful island is home to some of the most gorgeous beaches in the world. I'm so happy to have had the chance to travel back to Puerto Rico's "La Pocita" and photograph Jason and Victoria, two of my favorite people who I treasure dearly in my heart. A charming surprise photoshoot in a beach full of some of their favorite memories.

I've been dying to photograph these two for a long time. Everywhere I see them, I see them tightly wrapped around each other. The cute compliments they give each other along with the adorable nicknames they share made me melt, these two really cant get enough of one another. One thing I love about this photoshoot is how shy both of them were throughout the whole thing. They would struggle to not laugh when a picture was about to be taken and both of them couldn't stop making fun of each other as the photoshoot went along. Their jokes, their games and their laughs made the whole session go so smoothly. It also turned out to be so much fun to shoot, I couldn't stop laughing at their silly little gimmicks.

I must say they both came out so stunning on these photographs. From Victoria's mesmerizing eyes shining in the sunlight to Jason's carefree unique smile, each shot made for a fantastic memory forever to be remembered. The sound of the waves and the warm soft sand kept us all so comfortable, and the gentle wind in our faces kept us blissfully living in the moment. Seeing both of these sweethearts embrace each other, sharing their joy together and making me a part of it was truly something I will never forget. It was such an amazing day for all of us, and I'm so happy with the results. I truly hope I can get to see these two lovelies again soon and I wish both of them a wonderful life full of love, joy and happiness.

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