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Jeff and Belinda

What a wonderful time to be alive, to witness such a beautiful, charming, fantastic set of individuals celebrating love in the beach and taking a huge step in the right direction. Jeff and Belinda are a blessing to have around, the way they talk to us, the way they treated us, every single detail about these two is a real treat to talk about. Jeff is a true man, a true gentleman that knows how to treat his lady, the way he talks to her, always checking up on her and letting her know how much she means to him, it touches our hearts on a very profound level. Belinda on the other hand is such a beauty, not only is she stunning, her heart is a real jewel. One minute talking to her and you just know she's crazy for her husband There's no doubt in my mind that she is the perfect choice for Jeff, he is truly a lucky man to have her by his side.

We travelled to the Hollywood Beach Resort to make this photoshoot happen. This is where all the magic happened, a destination wedding photographer like myself cant let this wonderful opportunity slip by. The sand was so soft and beautiful, the water was so clear and the wind was like a soft melody to all of us, further reminding us of the amazing time we were all having and how lucky we all were to spend such a wonderful day on such a spectacular occasion in one of the most beautiful location we can think of. Their family and friends were such a joy to have around, the energy that radiated from them, nothing but resplendent vibes all around. This was the celebration of a perfect union living the dream and everyone made sure it felt that way for all of us. Its never too late to make the right choice, to spend the rest of your life with the one you love, to truly have the bravery to make your life the best one you can. Jeff and Belinda are one of a kind, having the privilege to be their photographer meant so much to me and words cant describe how content it made me and everyone else to see them together happier than ever on such a remarkable moment in their life. I truly wish them the happiest life and may all their dreams come true on this phenomenal journey we call life.

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