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Jocelynne's Photoshoot

A fine lady should always have the ability to choose an outfit that defines who she is and what she likes. Jocelynne was given the spotlight in our studio to be herself and shine like the star she truly is. She brought her own choice of outfits and her favorite ice cream and the rest of it was magic made in the moment. With her amazing talent as a dancer and her extraordinary creativity we gave Jocelynne the freedom she deserved and she blew our minds with her unique sparkle and elegant touch. It was a photoshoot like no other, a photoshoot we would never forget.

We just opened our studio in Downtown Cincinnati and we are so excited to begin this new exciting chapter in our career. Through our journey giving Cincinnati photography services we are always open for new exciting experiences to work with, and this was definitely one of those amazing experiences. It brings us great joy to have the opportunity to photograph the beautifully charming Jocelynne in our studio where we will work together to make something straight out of a dream. Jocelynne is an extraordinary dancer, a true artist that seeks to express her emotion through movement. We were so excited when we heard these news because we believe dancing is one of the most exceptional forms of art to connect with the world with our gestures and emotions. We could not wait to see how much Jocelynn was going to impress us, it was simply so exciting to wait for the day of truth. With majestic, impressive poses and the sweet purity she portrayed in her eyes each photograph became a work of art. We simply witnessed how she unraveled before us and stunned us all with her bravery.

We were very surprised when we found out she chose to bring an ice cream to the photoshoot. It sounded like an extraordinary idea, something so charming and sweet, we were simply thrilled to see what she would come up with next. With goofy poses that struck our hearts with laughter and downright adorable expressions that kept us absolutely charmed, it was certain this would be one of the best photoshoots we would work on. We had such an amazing time photographing Jocelynne, it was honestly one of the most entertaining, magnificent experiences we would witness in our career. Capturing these pictures allowed us to understand Jocelynne so much more and we simply know she will go far with her fantastic talent.

Our studio is merely just a studio when its empty, but whenever someone steps foot inside its walls we make sure it becomes the perfect space for anyone to show their true self in its unique beauty. We are simply so excited to invite each and every one of you to come to our studio and make miracles happen. We made our studio to offer the best Cincinnati photography services for anyone willing to allow their true self to be free. The world is tough, we often feel lost and too scared to show anyone who we really are, but Jocelynne's innocence is proof enough we only need to take the leap of faith and smile to the world like there's no tomorrow. Show your talents, keep your chest up and love yourself for who you really are. We learned so much from Jocelynne, we not only had the wonderful experience of working together with such a talented young girl, we also learned we have to be brave and allow ourselves to be free. We truly hope you enjoy these photographs as much as we loved taking them.

Cincinnati portrait photographer captures girl eating ice cream.

Cincinnati portrait photographer captures girl smiling showing bunny teeth.

Cincinnati portrait photographer captures girl sitting on the floor looking up with her hands on her cheeks.

Cincinnati portrait photographer captures girl eating chocolate ice cream.

Cincinnati portrait photographer captures girl eating chocolate ice cream

Cincinnati portrait photographer captures girl striking a dancing pose.

Cincinnati portrait photographer captures girl with red dress sitting on floor elegantly posing with her hand up.

Cincinnati portrait photographer captures girl sitting on floor with hand on lap.

Cincinnati portrait photographer captures girl with red dress crossing her arms in a cute pose.

Cincinnati portrait photographer captures girl with hands up smiling.

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