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Joe + Pam

Life is full of surprises, some are good, some are extraordinary. Capturing a wedding in Boca Raton with two of the best people I've ever gotten the chance to meet certainly qualifies as an extraordinary surprise. Joe and Pam captivated my heart the moment I saw them hold each other's hand. Recording a wedding is a magnificent experience, its full of only positivity and fills my heart with joy only thinking about it, but it definitely caught me by surprise when I found out the beautiful Pam was getting married to a soon to be knight. Not only was I attending a wedding, I was also going to be present in Joe's Knighting ceremony. No words could describe how happy I was to be chosen as the one in charge of capturing such a fantastic celebration. My day was instantly bursting with excitement and I was already blowing up with ideas to impress the two sweethearts with. It is my duty as a Miami wedding photographer to impress the beautiful couple, and I certainly would never consider giving less than my 100%.

It was a true honor to be present in the knighting ceremony and having the privilege to photograph it. I got goosebumps seeing Joe and Pam walk through rows of soldiers holding hands with a smile brighter than light itself. You could feel a new chapter of their lives begin, never looking back, but to revisit the beautiful moments they've spent together. I could tell Pam was proud of her husband, and I could tell she wouldn't think of being anywhere else in such a spectacular moment in their lives. Everyone cheering for them, laughing, engulfing in their happiness, there was nothing that could compare to such a scene. Deep in my heart, I was also truly proud of both of them, for each one of their accomplishments and both their strength to fight together.

The wedding went on to be as perfect as it could be. The way they both looked at each other's eyes before that long awaited kiss we all know and love, it stole my heart and warmed my soul. Weddings like this always remind me of what's really important in life, to fight together, and never give up. Life is beautiful, it has a way of making things happen in a way we can only describe as magical. Billions of people in the world, tons of time and places to be, it makes me glad Joe and Pam met when they did, because if it wasn't for that moment, this beautiful wedding that will never be forgotten wouldn't have happened. I wish both of you can have a wonderful life together, and continue pushing forward for what truly is important, the love and compassion you both share.

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