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Permaculture with Chris Smyth - The Common Orchard Project

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Map of The Common Orchard Project showing how the permaculture orchard works


Permaculture - the development of agricultural ecosystems intended to be sustainable and self-sufficient.

Permaculture in contrast to community garden is a way to create a space that requires little maintenance. Chris explains, things are always moving. You have seeds blowing in that you may not want in your community garden. In our perennial garden we are trying to get to a state where the weeds are the things you harvest. The wormwood as it travels around the site, will be something we harvest. It will also keep out the other weeds that we do not want. Making less work, as nature works together.

Close up of honeysuckle which is a weed that overtakes space

picture of wormwood in the permaculture orchard in Cincinnati Ohio


In this podcasts Chris Smyth, a native of Cincinnati, explains how he is using permaculture to create gardens to provide a place for communities to have their social needs of human connection. A place for the citizens to go and pick fresh fruit and gather medicines. This orchard was started in 2017 in the Westside of Cincinnati, Price Hill. Through partnerships with the Landbank Program and other area non-profits, The Common Orchard Project has since installed 10 orchards in vacant lots in the City. This orchard has peach, apple, cherry, plum and asian pears. Mixing black locust trees to give the soil nitrogen and carbon so there is no need to fertilize making it a resilient, low maintenance paradise.

Wide shot of The Common Orchard Project in Price Hill of Cincinnati Ohio

close up of apple tree in The Common Orchard Project in Price Hill of Cincinnati Ohio


Together as One JB is proud to introduce Chris Smyth sharing his knowledge and his inspiring projects. Go ahead, have a listen or watch the video on youtube.

Connect with Chris:

Facebook: @commonorchards

Podcast Link:

Youtube Link:

Let us know if you know of someone that is working on a sustainable project, fighting climate change or doing anything positive for your community. Together As One JB is looking for people to interview. Contact us through this website.

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