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Sara's Family Vacation

It's a true joy to be able to put all that stress aside and just go on a big beautiful vacation with your family and treasure what life is truly about. We find ourselves in the beautiful waters of the Marriot West Palm Beach with Sara and her beautiful family. A wonderful day full of giggles, laughs and an overwhelming feeling of joy filled the air with them around, and the beautiful sun just begged for some truly beautiful shots of this one of a kind gorgeous family. The minute I met the girls I simply fell in love, the way they ran and played in the sand without a care in the world truly captivated me. Lets also not forget to mention they're cute matching swimsuits, its simply a stunning little detail that truly stole my attention and added a hint of charm to the already precious photoshoot. There's something unique to the expression on a kids face when they're having fun, capturing this was one of my goals and I took every single opportunity I had to achieve it.

Sara looked absolutely happy being able to enjoy that well deserved break with her partner and the kids. The air was so fresh, the sand was so soft and the waves were outstandingly beautiful, truly the perfect time to go on vacation. Family is forever, it doesn't hesitate and it never fails. The memories you make when the family is together are one of a kind, moments that steal our hearts and make us look back with a smile. I was truly so flattered to be the one responsible for capturing this vacation and its charm, we've offered Miami photography services for many people, but this one has a special place in our hearts. It was simply a spectacular experience to take part in, another one of those photoshoots that reminds me why I chose this line of work in the first place, and for that I'm truly grateful. I truly wish Sara and her family the best there is, a life full of happiness and so many more trips like this one, so they can always remind themselves and their children that the best moments in life are the ones you spend with your family.

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