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Sheri + Phil

Updated: Feb 19

There's no doubt in my mind Sheri and Phil were born to find each other and travel the journey through life together by the hand. What a wonderful sight it is to see a woman so overwhelmingly happy to be married to the love of her life. Sheri is head over heels for Phil, you could tell from a mile away by the way she smiles when you mention his name and the way she speaks whenever he is in the conversation. Its not every day you get to photograph and record the most special night in a couple's lives, the experience was beyond words to describe and it makes me so happy to even have the chance to be in the same room as this one of a kind, true loving couple.

Phil wore a permanent smile that day, a smile no-one could steal away, a smile worth treasuring and remembering for the rest of their lives. Phil seemed like he'd been waiting for this moment his whole entire life. There was this genuine warmth that radiated from Phil's presence wherever he went. It was such a pure sense of tranquility, of true joy, but you could still tell he was very nervous during the whole thing which turned out to be such a sweet little gesture to notice. The photographs were a true treat to take, and they came out so wonderful. This is one of those weddings where the small details made the whole experience. Catching Sheri tearing up and getting overwhelmed with happiness stole my heart. It's those small little moments you sometimes catch that make the most memorable shots. It made me so happy to see these two wonderful sweethearts have the time of their life in their special day.

The day was exceptionally beautiful. The golf park turned out to be the perfect location for such an occasion. The majestic green hills and blue lakes truly gave the images a sense of natural beauty, it made each smile truly sparkle and portray that feeling of purity that travelled all our hearts that day. It's such a treat to be such a lucky Miami wedding photographer and Videographer have the chance to capture such an exceptionally memorable special wedding day. It truly is an experience that steals your breath away, a fateful day for Sheri and Phil, one that will mark a new beginning in their beautiful lives.

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