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Updated: Apr 3

Life is a journey full of miracles and surprises. We are born into this world to grow, to love, to live. We go through tough days and come out of them stronger, learning to live each day grateful of all the blessings we have. I for one am grateful to have met these two beautiful blessings, two of the most important people in my life and soon to be best parents, Talia and Carlitos. Love is incredible, its pure and resilient, all pure examples of the beautiful bond Talia and Carlitos share together. It brings me so much joy to be able to see them prosper together, always teaching me something new about love and compassion.

We travelled to Isabela in Puerto Rico for this spectacular maternity photoshoot and capture their excitement for the soon to arrive miracle, Milan. It was such an amazing trip full of so much joy and excitement, a day worthy to hold dear forever. It made me so happy to see my best friend Carlitos smile grow bigger than ever before while taking his maternity photos alonside his beloved wife Talia. The overwhelming sense of enthusiasm that radiated from him was impossible to overlook. Seeing him hold Talia tight around his arms really speaks to me in volumes I can't begin to describe, a bond formed by fate in front of my very own eyes. What a time to be alive, I can't think of two people more suited to be baby Milan’s parents, the day is so close and a new life full of blessings and opportunities awaits them both.

Isabela was such an amazing place to go and celebrate this spectacular occasion. The beach was mesmerizing, beautiful soft sands hugged by the splendid clear waves that carefully seemed to sway towards us. We took advantage of the wonderful bright sun and took some sunset photographs that truly left us speechless. Talia looked so majestic in the breathtaking sunset, she portrayed this sense of purity that I simply loved to captivate in this maternity photography session. Carlitos could not keep his eyes off her for a second, he had the face of a true lovebird, a man head over heels for his soulmate. The photographs will forever be sacred to us, that beautiful day we celebrated the miracle Talia is carrying, soon to be in their loving arms.

We had an amazing time together in Isabela, a destination photographer like myself will never say no to the beautiful beaches of Puerto Rico. We enjoyed every single second we spent together and we will make sure to tell Milan all about it in the future. I cant wait to see the little miracle, God blessed us all with its existence and we will forever be thankful. Only a couple more days for the expected moment of truth this month of March, the countdown has begun. It was an opportunity I will cherish forever to capture all these maternity photos of such a special moment. Thank you so much to my dear friends Carlitos and Talia for being in my life and having me document this experience. I'm anticipating the excitement of being their family portrait photographer for years to come! I wish them both a wonderful life full of never ending love and happiness, a life where their family can always prosper. We will always be a family.


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