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Why We Love Indian Marriage Culture

Last year we filmed our first Hindu American wedding and fell madly, deeply in love with the Indian culture marriage. We were invited to film for two days including both the Hindu wedding ceremony at Memorial Hall and the Catholic wedding at St. Francis Xavier Church in downtown Cincinnati. Working with Michael Bambino from Bambino International, Nidhi Bambino Bedi from Bride's Mafia, and Vikas Sondhi from OME was the cherry on top!


The Hindu tradition that we love the most is the Baraat. This was our first time even hearing the word Baraat and if you google "What happens at a Baraat" you will see a picture of a Indian groom riding a Baraat horse. Traditionally this would be the mode of transportation for the groom to travel to the bride's house. If you watched Aladdin there is a scene where Aladdin travels in by elephant to Jasmine's palace with a lot of show and dance. The Baraat is somewhat similar. It was a hot July day in downtown Cincinnati and our groom had his Baraat on the Cincinnati Street Car. The drummer was keeping the rhythm with the beat of the music projected from Vikas' speaker with the colorful dancing Indian outfits jammed packed in the street car. There were people from all over the world and all different races, being together to celebrate the groom. There was so much estatic energy pulsing that kept the groom smiling and dancing through the heavy heat. Our hearts were full capturing all of the excitement, laughter and pure fun. YES! This is a wedding celebration like no other with so much joy, happiness and love!


There is so much entertainment at an Indian wedding. The first night was the Sangeet where we first experienced all the different colors of the Indian outfits. There was a bazaar where the guest could help themselves to Indian scarves, purses and even a mehndi artist to adorn themselves with henna for the Indian celebrations. There were smiles everywhere as people ate the delicious Indian food from Tadka, laughing, having their pictures taken and enjoying the Cincinnati view from Dree's Pavilion. As dusk fell we ventured inside for the Sangeet. Again google did not prepare us for what we were about to experience. WOW! We were blown away as we watched the talents of both the Catholic families and Indian families perform their Indian wedding dance.


We loved seeing two different religions combine together to celebrate love. The two different families not only welcomed the other into their unique traditions but participated in each ceremonies with love and an open heart. We are beyond grateful to experience this celebration that opened a whole new world to Together As One JB.


Anar + Tommy are One year strong!

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